The 2nd reason is they provide you with more vapor. However, doing so can negatively impact the e-liquid's flavor.

People who like to enjoy the flavor they pick may be glad for the arrival of these cartomisers.
Why they're capable of producing vapor better is the pair of heating elements inside them. Now, it really makes sense to choose the flavor that suits you best as you will be able to enjoy them to the max. If you want to enjoy them for a long time, proper usage is important, as well as going for a quality brand. They may have to do some experimenting first before they can enjoy sufficient throat hit. A lot of smokers may be attracted to kick the habit and instead opt for using this device. People can't help but look at you in a funny way when you got the device in your hand.Because of these cartomisers, electronic cigarette usage has become even more pleasing. But that was before.

Finally, the 5th reason is there are now many choices available. With these new breed of cartomisers, enjoying maximum throat hit in a single drag is possible. This ensures that there's one for everyone, meeting individual preferences when it comes to vaping. But if what you're using emits a lot of vapor, they will know exactly what you're doing. Yes, they will not last forever, but you may refill them for as long as they're working. In the future, giving these components more enhancements isn't unlikely. With these two working together, more e-juice is singed, resulting in more vapor.

The 3rd reason is better flavor may be enjoyed. Someone who's new to the use color steel sheet of the device may look for the same kind of throat hit experienced when using the real thing. Using a typical cartomiser may mean taking successive drags just to produce more vapor and satisfying throat hit