Hair dryers, like all other electrical styling equipment requires cleaning over the course of time to keep it working with optimal performance. Since hair dryers operate with a small fan that spins when the current passes through it to shoot out hot air through an open-coil heating element, it needs to be cleaned regularly to check its durability. Most importantly, the air flow could be obstructed if not cleaned properly, so that you can even injure yourself. In this article, we will provide you with simple tips on how to clean the dust off the vent to retain the performance of your hair dryer.

A hair dryer can be cleaned by different ways that will be discussed here. You can simply use a toothbrush or color coated steel coil to clean a hair dryer intake. The most important thing while cleaning your hair dryer is to unplug the device first. The vent that comes at the back end should be removed first so that the small fan will be exposed.

Dust usually stays on fans and so you should start by cleaning the fan first. The same way, you can clean the end part you have removed. This part will required some scrubbing as most of the dust rolls up at this region. After scrubbing, remover those dust with a paper towel. Clean the screen and vent thoroughly so that they are completely free of any dust. You should then wipe the entire surface of the vent by detaching it from the hair dryer using a damp cloth.

The next important part of the hair dryer that requires cleaning is the grill of the hair dryer. In order to clean the grill and filter screen present on the hair dryer intake filter, you should slowly brush them with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush will do. Remove all the dust along with hair and lint. You should also remove hair and dust from the motor shaft and other internal parts of the hair dryer after taking the cover off your hair dryer using a screwdriver. If there are any hard to remove hair or dust, you can use an electrical contact cleaner to remove them. In order to clean the brush and spring of the device, you can open the brush clips loose. Replace them if they have worn out. Equally important thing is lubricating the motor by rubbing a drop of lightweight household or machine oil on the brushing at the end of your hair dryer’s motor and motor shaft.